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RE: About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU TLD

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On 20-Mar-2000 Simon Higgs wrote:
> This is hindsight speaking. None of this was clear when IANA solicited or 
> received the applications. This only explains why the applications were not 
> processed. It *DOES NOT* invalidate the application submission process, nor 
> does it invalidate the applications.

It most certainly does.   The submission process was under an unsanctioned, and
not authorized process.  Just because the applicants believed the process was
valid (and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here) doesn't mean that the
applications should have any standing in any future process.  
> If you can show me documentation where these applications have been legally 
> invalidated, I'd like to see it. And I mean invalidated by something from 
> at least a US Federal Court, Dept. Of Commerce, NSF contract, Federal 
> Register, etc.

There is no need to have a legal invalidation of a process that was not a part
of any governemnt process, and indeed was carried out without any authorization
or authority except that which IANA perceived and/or desired to have.

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