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Re: [ga] Another Resignation

I share your dislike of censorship. However, social behaviour is such that people will not listen to an unwanted message more than they have to. It is unfair, perhaps, but presumably gives hard-pressed INEGroup personnel, amongst others, a chance to define more succinctly their policy positions on some of the substantive contributions from Mssrs Crocker, Crispin, Weinberg and
others recently received.

Mr Auerbach's proposal that the ga constitute itself as a audit function of DNSO and relevant ICANN proceedings also had extreme merit, in my view. I had hoped that Mr Gaetano's Chair would constitute an agenda,. recruit representatives for the Cairo meeting etc, but this does not seem to have happened yet.

Presumably it is reasonably easy for you to forward interesting posts to Mr Williams' attention and vice versa he can ask you to post on his behalf, so the inconvenience is not absolute.

James Touton wrote:

> Mark and all assembly members remaining,
>   Jeff Williams should have never been CENSORED.  CENSORSHIP
> IN ANY OF ITS FORM IS WRONG!  The reasons that Harald gave
> were indeed improper and without merit, not to mention not publicly
> supportable.  It is therefore just a LIST GAME that Harald is playing.
> His own private post to Jeff, of which I have copies clearly indicate
> he, Harald, intended all along to yet again CENSOR Jeff, and likely
> Joe Baptista as well.
> Mark Measday wrote:
> > Harald, Elisabeth,
> >
> > Would it be dedramatising to ask how many days it is until Mr Williams is restored to the list?

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