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Re: [ga] Another Resignation

Mark and all assembly members remaining,

  Jeff Williams should have never been CENSORED.  CENSORSHIP
IN ANY OF ITS FORM IS WRONG!  The reasons that Harald gave
were indeed improper and without merit, not to mention not publicly
supportable.  It is therefore just a LIST GAME that Harald is playing.
His own private post to Jeff, of which I have copies clearly indicate
he, Harald, intended all along to yet again CENSOR Jeff, and likely
Joe Baptista as well.

Mark Measday wrote:

> Harald, Elisabeth,
> Would it be dedramatising to ask how many days it is until Mr Williams is restored to the list?
> It is unfortunate that intellects such as Mr Auerbach, Mr Steinberg, Ms Barry and Ms Rony amongst others have departed the list. I note that Mr Mueller,  who was claimed (by others) to have resigned on grounds of principle from this list, is requesting such controls on other lists. I ask not why he shoots himself in the head while others only shoot themselves in the foot.
> Please find a compromise that can attract back these people. They have a history of resigning, which is why the BWG didn't win through, but are the best because their honesty transcends their teamwork. Unfortunately until the ga gets all these people working as a team towards the common goal, with Mr Williams' peculiar genius, it will have little impact.
> Please note I make no comment on Mr Gaetano's programme.
> --
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