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Re: [ga] Proposal for list rules/actions - and a voting procedure

James and everyone else,

  I second James and stongly support Jeff's proposal/suggestions

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/26/00 4:47:27 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
jim.touton@netzero.net writes:

<< Jeff and all DNSO'ers,
   Excellent suggestions/proposal here Jeff.  Well done, and thank you.
   As for Roberto, well I must also agree with you evaluation of course,
 as it is well known he is NOT legitimate as Chairman.
 Jeff Williams wrote:
 > Roberto and all,
 >   Roberto, your apology is excepted, although not needed as you serve
 > nor legitimate function to the DNSO "General Assembly" presently.
 >   On the matter regarding SAA or SAA's in general, I believe this is
 > yet to be even legitimately a consideration at this time.  First order of
 > business for the "General Assembly" is to get Voting procedures
 > in place, as Harald indicated in an earlier post, that everyone or
 > at least a significant majority can live with and agree to.  This however
 > poses a chicken and egg problem, obviously.
 >   I propose the following for purposes of getting things off to a good
 > and ligetimate start in the matter of Voting procedure:
 > 1.) That the existing rules set up for the voting for the fraudulent
 > managed
 >       election ending October 8th '99 be use for the interim on proposals
 >       for a permanent voting procedure.
 >       a.) This process should be carried out by a neutral party on a
 > online
 >             voting site or provider such as vote.com or an equivalent.
 > 2.) That once #1 is completed, that a vote for whom is Chair and
 >       are NC and ICANN At Large Board members be held with
 >       at least two weeks of broad announcements thru various sources so
 >       as to provide for wide participation of as many Stakeholders as
 >       possible.
 > 3.) That any proposal for a voting procedure that anyone on the DNSO GA
 >      list or any other lists discussing these matters be posted to the
 >      site for review and a two week period be set for discussion after all
 >      proposals are in.
 > Roberto Gaetano wrote:
 > > Patrick,
 > > >
 > > >Again my apologies that I did not recall this correctly. I would note
 > > >however that Roberto has in his call for volunteers referred to a
 > > singular
 > > >SAA. Roberto, could you clarify this?
 > > >
 > >
 > > I remember having explicitely written: call for volounteers, but I am
 > > also quite sure I used "SAA" instead of "SAAs". I really meant this in
 > > the plural, and I thought that was clear enough, but I was wrong.
 > >
 > > Please accept my apologies.
 > >
 > > RG
 > Regards,
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