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Re: [ga] Membership roll versus discussion lists

Harald and everybody else,

  I think you are just spinning Harald.  I could be wrong, but it sure
looks a though you are.  I think you don't have an answer or don't
wish to answer directly.  

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/26/00 5:08:21 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Harald@Alvestrand.no writes:

<< At 02:41 26.01.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
 >Harald and all,
 >   You really didn't answer Eric's question here Harald.  Is the
 >"DNSO Membership" in your opinion to be an open or closed
 I was trying to reply to him that this question isn't straightforward to 
 I think the DNSO GA membership should be as open as possible; however, this 
 does not mean that there are no procedures or criteria for joining.
 >  I would add the this question the following question:
 >Is the "DNSO Membership" Criterion to be decided by the
 >DNSO "General Assembly/DNSO GA list members"?
 It would certainly make sense to find a suggested ruleset that the majority 
 of the GA could approve of.
 Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway