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[ga] Re: Harald - it's time to dance

At 22:08 26.01.00 -0500, !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

>As you know Harald - my motto is "always be prepaired".  Now I want to
>make it pefectly clear that in no way do I support the farce of these new
>rules imposed by Heil Gato.
>But - I think you know Harald - that I'm going to take advantage of
>it.  As you know - i'm into holes - and this one needs some filling.

I take it you mean that you intend to try to use the rules to disrupt the 
operation of the GA. It's therefore reasonable for others to try to 
minimize the effects your attempts have upon the GA. Fair warning.

>So with that preamble done I will ask you a question concerning the new
>Question Number 1: Are these rules now in effect.  I would ask Roberto
>this question, but I don't have time for double talk.  So my question is -
>are the rules posted at:
>         http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-ga-rules-v0.2.html
>are these rules now in effect.  Can I start using them.  Yes or no.

On Jan 25, Roberto said:
"We will adopt the rules for a three-months period."
I read this as meaning that the rules are in effect from Jan 25 until April 
25. However, they are not *enforced*, since no SAA has been appointed yet.

>Next Question:  I will be making a motion under these rules by means of
>registered mail and I will also include some notes on liability.  I need a
>registered address and the name of the person I would address this matter
>to via registered mail.

The rules do not mention the word "motion".
If you wish to communicate with the SAAs, I recommend waiting until they 
are appointed.

>I also suggest you post to the dnso.org web site a legal address for the
>purpose of notices and correspondence to the dnso.

A legal address of what?
The DNSO, the GA or me personally?


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway