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ICANN and observations was:Re: [ga] Re: Proposal for list rules/actions

Bradley and all Assembly members,

  I am in agreement with your observations here, Bradley.  Thank you for
sharing them with us.  :)

IDNO Bootstrap wrote:

> I tend to doubt that this is a result of their ignorance/lack of
> understantding. Rather, I liken it as "calculated".
> In my short tenure, I've seen nothing but lip service toward the positive
> where ICANN is concerned, and what appears to be a slumsily disguised
> campaign to appear as if they are ignorant or lack understanding, while
> all the while our voices and rights erode.
> Any cohesiveness on the GA's part would certainly, in my not so humble
> opinion (Forgot how to spell IMNSHO), work against the grand scheme ICANN
> has for the demise of the rights of individuals.
> On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> > there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding within ICANN that
> > building lasting, *representative* structures involves the creation of a
> > framework with an adequate system of checks and balances extending beyond
> > individual personalities. I imagine that much of this may be attributed to
> > ignorance and/or a lack of experience of the majority of the current Board
> > and Council members in creating and maintaining member-based, non-profit
> > organizations. It is regrettable that they have chosen to continue to
> > ignore the voices of those who do have such experience.
> >
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