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Re: [ga] Re: Proposal for list rules/actions

I tend to doubt that this is a result of their ignorance/lack of
understantding. Rather, I liken it as "calculated".

In my short tenure, I've seen nothing but lip service toward the positive
where ICANN is concerned, and what appears to be a slumsily disguised
campaign to appear as if they are ignorant or lack understanding, while
all the while our voices and rights erode.

Any cohesiveness on the GA's part would certainly, in my not so humble
opinion (Forgot how to spell IMNSHO), work against the grand scheme ICANN
has for the demise of the rights of individuals.

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Patrick Greenwell wrote:

> there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding within ICANN that
> building lasting, *representative* structures involves the creation of a
> framework with an adequate system of checks and balances extending beyond
> individual personalities. I imagine that much of this may be attributed to
> ignorance and/or a lack of experience of the majority of the current Board
> and Council members in creating and maintaining member-based, non-profit
> organizations. It is regrettable that they have chosen to continue to
> ignore the voices of those who do have such experience. 
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