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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

> On 25-Jan-2000 Ellen Rony wrote:
>> And that raises the question of how we respond to messages if I am
>> reading the unfiltered version and you are not.  All headers would have
>> to read ga-unfiltered@dnso.org, would they not?  Now there's a  reason
>> to give the shorter name to the all-inclusive version.
> You respond to the GA@dnso.org list, clear and simple, always.  
> The people who can only be seen on the filtered list have given up their
> right to participate for a period of time by not acting with the rules
> for proper behavior.

 Or because there position differs from that of the SAA?  I would like
 some form of guarantee that *only* the disruptors are removed...

Alex Kamantauskas