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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

>The rules appear to be QUITE fair and are definitely valid.  This is not >about censorship, its about setting valid rules for participation, like any >other body would have.

APPEAR would be an appropriate word.  I believe they are invalid, and that this is about censorship.  I do not believe this "ramming" is how any other body would do it.   Hence, my continued objection.  REGARDLESS - we disagress on this point.  

>> most likely against Jeff Williams and Joe Baptista. 

>Is it your contention that they can't participate under the rules? I think only
>they can decide that.  I would not presume to say one way or the other, >that is entirely their call.  Either they follow the rules, and not be disruptive, >or they are treated like ANYONE else who doesn't follow the rules.

It is my contention that some people intend to censor them.  And maybe me too.  And maybe Elen.  The point is--censorship is not right.  Bias rules are wrong, fair rules are fine.

>> This is wrong.  Both have spent countless hours participating in this list.
>"Participating" ???  Interesting choice of words for their activities to date.

YES.  That is how I characterize it.  

>>  People like Elen, Karl, and myself are not going to stand for unjustified >>and unfair censorship.
>Sorry, but that is your personal choice.  If you feel that way, fine.  Bye.

Does it feel that good to oppress people?  I mean, really, you must watch horror movies and root for the bad guys...

>I am much more sympathetic to the MANY unnumbered and silent ones >who have left or do not participate because of the madness the near >anarchistic status of this list has subjected them and all of us to.  If it means >losing a few people who can't see the trees for the forest, then they >probably already have many other reasons for not wanting to participate, >and are just using this as a rallying point.  I won't buy into it.  If you, and >anyone else, chooses to leave, the GA will lose a little, but I think we will >gain a lot more than we will lose. Vastly so.  You have to draw the line >somewhere.  Kudos to Roberto and Harald for drawing that line.

I don't think its proper to characterize people that don't exist on this list.  You know William, if you scare off everyone that you can just send yourself messages all day...
>> So, I too will join Karl in removing myself from this discussion if we can't
>> get a meaningful discussion going on a sole unmoderated list.
>That is entirely your voluntary action, and if you feel you must do that, then
>do it.

It's not my choice.  I'd like to stay.  You're being oppressive.  I won't stand for it.

Randy Canis 
Attorney & Webmaster - ZakkWylde.com & BrianTichy.com