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[ga] Re: BOUNCE ga@dnso.org: Message too long (>40000 chars)

Message Bouncing

This below message from the DNSO Listadmin is untrue as each individual post was sent to the list as usual and bounced. Each was under 25k. Only when aggregated and
forwarded were they in excess of 40k. Those to whom these messages was sent privately will know this.

DNSO: Democracy vs Democratic Centralism

There is a problem between the wider exponents of democracy and the doctrines of rough consensus (Rony, Auerbach, Alvestrand sometimes) and the narrower exponents of
democratic centralism (Crispin etc, Alvestrand sometimes) on this list. I dislike the latter approach as it leads to some of the abuses mentioned in the emails that
were blocked, thereby proving the truth of my thesis.. Roberto has yet to come up with a compromise that can satisfy those who don't want to listen to the wilder side
of JW and friends, or a concrete set of proposals which would show the way forward. Some of the lawyers are happy to sit back and steal anything they find useful
without contributing. Many excellent contributions have been made from many sides, however there is not a consensus to lead the way forward as yet constituted.

US vs Democracy

This is exactly the problem as stated in Professor Froomkin's criticism's of ICANN, based I imagine on the fact that the demographics of the world are not suited to
the US leading global democratic organizations. Demographically and democratically the centre must be elsewhere. It's just numbers. This is not to say that the US and
US institutions should not provide that leadership, however they can only do it by providing an example of moral and ethical superiority over and above the mere
assertion of technological and economic supremacy which others recognise.

Democratic and historical dissent

If the current ga@dnso debate is a small example of that problem, and I believe it is, then I don't think that you are going to sort it out by using the technology to
suppress dissent. Much better appoint the more able dissenters to positions of use within the organization. Also, the tradition of dissent was what made many of their
forebears leave Europe in the first place. Have they forgotten so quickly?


I would propose Mssrs Williams and Baptista as Sergeants-At-Arms. Poachers turned gamekeepers are often the most effective. That way poor Mr Crispin and Mr Mueller can
rest in peace.


DNSO Listadmin wrote:

> The size of postings to the majordomo lists is limited by default
> to 40000 chars.
> Anything above needs a manual approval of the DNSO Listadmin.
> Some persons do not know there is a limit, and send several tries in
> a short laps of time.
> Therefore a trublesome situation for the listadmin, who sees what
> happen, at least he thinks so.
> Let pass all *huge* copies ? Are all Fwds copies ? Let pass the first one,
> and expect the sender will understand ?
> Below is the current (third ?) copy bounced.
> Yesterday two posts were awaiting bounced:
> >O  1 DNSO.Listadmin@dns Tue Jan 25 23:53 1482/59451 BOUNCE ga@dnso.org:     M
> >O  2 DNSO.Listadmin@dns Wed Jan 26 00:13 1589/61733 BOUNCE ga@dnso.org:     M
> >