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Request for independant verification to:Re: [ga] Re: What list forwards to what list

Karl and all,

  I think Karls questions are valid.  I would request that a Independent
responsible party such as the Technet group or the Federal Election
Commission be ask to independently verify that these questions be answered
accurately.  I would also propose/request that the following questions
be answered:

1) Has at any time anyone originally or otherwise ever been restricted
     from posting to these list after subscribing?

2.) Has anyone been denied subscription from this list?

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > > I disagree with this formulation.  All filtering should be done by by
> > > private groups/individuals using their own tools on their own machines and
> > > using their own criteria.
> >
> > We have already moved past this.  List rules are in place, and now it is time
> > to move forward.
> One would hope that censorship has not yet been established as a procedure
> of ICANN via its subsidiary organ, the GA.
> Roberto -  Could you please answer the following two questions?  Thanks.
>   1) Is any natural person[*] currently being blocked from subscribing to
>      this list?
>   2) Is any natural person[*] who is subscribed to this list blocked from
>      posting to this list?
> [*] I use the term "natural person" to summarize the fact that list
> subscribers ought to meet the minimal standard of actually existing, and
> existing but once.
> If the answer to either question is "yes", then this list is censured.
> > > Censorship should not be performed by any ICANN organ.
> >
> > Again, this is not censorship.  It is enforcement of rules of civil
> > participation.
> One can engage in Humpty-Dumpty euphemisms and call it something else, but
> it is still censorship, and it is still ugly and repugnant.
> I remind everyone that unless one is using ancient e-mail tools, each of
> us has the personal technogy to avert his/her own electronic eyes from
> things coming from people we find unacceptable.
> If you don't like Joe B. or Jeff W., then set up your own private filters.
> If you need help setting them up, just ask.
> But please don't use your failure to exercise self-protection as an excuse
> to gag those you don't agree with.
>                 --karl--


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