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RE: [ga] Re: What list forwards to what list

> > I disagree with this formulation.  All filtering should be done by by
> > private groups/individuals using their own tools on their own machines and
> > using their own criteria.
> We have already moved past this.  List rules are in place, and now it is time
> to move forward. 

One would hope that censorship has not yet been established as a procedure
of ICANN via its subsidiary organ, the GA.

Roberto -  Could you please answer the following two questions?  Thanks.

  1) Is any natural person[*] currently being blocked from subscribing to
     this list?

  2) Is any natural person[*] who is subscribed to this list blocked from
     posting to this list?

[*] I use the term "natural person" to summarize the fact that list
subscribers ought to meet the minimal standard of actually existing, and
existing but once.

If the answer to either question is "yes", then this list is censured.

> > Censorship should not be performed by any ICANN organ.
> Again, this is not censorship.  It is enforcement of rules of civil
> participation.  

One can engage in Humpty-Dumpty euphemisms and call it something else, but
it is still censorship, and it is still ugly and repugnant.

I remind everyone that unless one is using ancient e-mail tools, each of
us has the personal technogy to avert his/her own electronic eyes from
things coming from people we find unacceptable.

If you don't like Joe B. or Jeff W., then set up your own private filters.
If you need help setting them up, just ask.

But please don't use your failure to exercise self-protection as an excuse
to gag those you don't agree with.