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RE: [ga] Re: What list forwards to what list

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On 26-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
>> > I disagree with this formulation.  All filtering should be done by by
>> > private groups/individuals using their own tools on their own machines and
>> > using their own criteria.
>> We have already moved past this.  List rules are in place, and now it is
>> time
>> to move forward. 
> One would hope that censorship has not yet been established as a procedure
> of ICANN via its subsidiary organ, the GA.

Censorship would apply as a term in this discussion if the rule was to eject
those who simply do not agree with a particular position, decision, etc.  

That is not what these rules do. 

Until you show otherwise, then your battle cry of censorship is just hot air.
> Roberto -  Could you please answer the following two questions?  Thanks.
>   1) Is any natural person[*] currently being blocked from subscribing to
>      this list?
>   2) Is any natural person[*] who is subscribed to this list blocked from
>      posting to this list?
> [*] I use the term "natural person" to summarize the fact that list
> subscribers ought to meet the minimal standard of actually existing, and
> existing but once.
> If the answer to either question is "yes", then this list is censured.

If the answer is yes, then that person has abused their privilege of
participation, and they have thus censured themselves.

Don't like it, Karl, then by all means just do what you have been threatening
to do.  It's time to move on. This is REALLY getting old, and we are just
belaboring the same points over and over.

The rules are in place.  If someone can't abide by rules of civil behavior,
then they will be ejected from the forum for a period of time.

If you can't handle that, then eject yourself.  

Can we end this thread now, and get on to real substantive issues? 

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