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Re: [ga] Result of the poll

Roberto and all,

Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Joe Baptista wrote:
> >
> >Always a pleasure - if not a joy.  Now - when are we going to have a
> real
> >vote - with real options?
> >
> All what we need is agreement on the following:
> - clear definition of the voting body, with identification of the voting
>  individuals;

  Yes, but most of these you already know as they are participants
on the DNSO GA list or the DNSO Announce list.  It might be a
good idea to open it up to those on the IETF, NONOCM, IDNO
and the Domain Policy lists as well.

> - clear definition of the voting procedure;

  Indeed.  And a clear adherence to that procedure as well.
One might also want a neutral third party to oversee this voting
such as the Federal Election Commission. HTTP://www.fec.gov

> - clear definition of the question upon which to vote.

  Also agreed.  If it is a resolution or resolutions, hopefully
this would be plural in all cases of Resolutions/Questions
that are being decided it should be by simple majority and
all votes should be tallied online with secret ballot.

> Regards
> Roberto


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