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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged


You wrote:
>Good point.  The votebot is really intended for formal votes, and for 
>that reason it may never be appropriate for the GA, since according to 

>the bylaws the GA is not a decision making body.

I disagree.

We have to distinguish between the fact of conducting a vote and how 
binding the result of the vote will be for "third parties".
Even if the Bylaws do not assign formal decisional power to the GA, we 
cannot assume that there will never be a "delegated" power to the GA for
 decision making and/or that the "decisions" of the GA will not have a 
political impact on the NC and/or other decisional instances of ICANN.

To be clear, under the current circumstances, a handful of people 
expressing an opinion on a subject could hardly be seen as an event that
 can affect ICANN decisions in any way, so I agree with you in this case
, the voting procedure is a red herring.
OTOH, should the GA have a membership of the order of the thousands 
(just an example), it would be irresponsible not to have peocedures that
 ensure proper voting because even a simple opinion poll may have heavy 
political ripercussions.

>The votebot will show current results any time you send it a tally 
>command.  I also added a web template that will show the current state 

>of the vote a while back.

In this case, I stand corrected.