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Re: [ga] Result of the poll

Roberto and all DNSO'ers,

  You already have a clear definition of whom are voting members or may be.
That is any and all of the DNSO GA list participants as well as any
as is required in the NTIA's White Paper.  This you well know Roberto...

  A clear definition of voting procedures is needed.  The DNSO pNC in the
last two "Attempts" failed to follow their own voting procedures, as you
also know Roberto.  What is needed to prevent this from happening again
is a neutral party or body to oversee any voting in accordance with the
Memberships approval.  That membership consists of any and all willing
stakeholder participants.

  You are also correct is stating that a clear definition of "The Question"
to be voted upon.  I believe and support the proposal the I submitted and
Jeff Williams also acknowledged to this list.  See archives under amendments


Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Joe Baptista wrote:
> >
> >Always a pleasure - if not a joy.  Now - when are we going to have a
> real
> >vote - with real options?
> >
> All what we need is agreement on the following:
> - clear definition of the voting body, with identification of the voting
>  individuals;
> - clear definition of the voting procedure;
> - clear definition of the question upon which to vote.
> Regards
> Roberto

James Touton
Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
INEGRoup (Stakeholder)

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