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[ga] IDNO and JOOP bashing/ranting


  Until recently the subject of the IDNO on this list was rarely
or even a consideration.  That is until Roberto started a new thread
on the IDNO.  Now we are seeing allot of back stabbing, ranting
and Joop bashing form three of the IDNO members.

  Most of this information is not really information at all but these
three disgruntled individuals personal vendettas towards Joop and
the IDNO as they were not elected or elevated to positions of
prominence in the IDNO's election held online.  William Walsh
resigned and than later claimed he didn't.  It is all in the IDNO
archives for anyone to review.  I would strongly suggest that everyone
that has great interest in the IENO or these issues do their homework
and review those archives for themselves and make their own decision
or decisions with respect to the IDNO.

  I know this requires some effort and time on those that are interested

part.  But a little effort can reap great rewards and provide tremendous

insight that you may not have otherwise had before.  If anyone needs
some help with tools to expedite their research I have several bots
that I will help you install as productivity aids that can sift through
any archived mailing list with many options that you can execute
from your browser or from the body of a E-Mail message....
Give me a call and I or someone on my staff will assist you in
setting some of these bots up.


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