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[ga] Only the privilidged may participate....

I know that this whole fiasco of using a web based polling booth has been
touted as some kind of "Optional" or "Voluntary" or "Let's just see" kind
of poll, but it neverhteless will be used to determine a type of consensus
with regards to the issue put before this body and that is WRONG.

Doing this creates a caste society where only the privilidged may

Again, I will state for the record:

Hello! McFly! This is a mailing list! Not an HTML forum!

The very notion of who may be considered members of the DNSO general
assembly is currently besieged by those who would separate the Lords from
the Vassals and Cerfs (sic), and burgle the voices of the latter two from
the decision making progress.

--Bradley D. Thornton MCSE; MCT.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
http://www.idno.org  (or direct:)