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The IDNO attempted coup and ICANN's involvment to:Re: [ga] Thanks for the Press...

Bradley and all,

  I see from the URL posted that the deft and disgusting and destructive
hand of William X. Walsh was involved here along with yours.  I think
that Joops comments were essentially correct in response.  Many others
did as well except for 4 disgruntled individuals, you included.  This sort
of bulling tactics, which the some within the DNSO have practiced
and the ICANN has done from the start, are not representative of
the stakeholders at large, or even any, save a tiny minority.

  I hope you have learned some lessons here Bradley and have grown
as a result as well.  It is obvious that that the ICANN Board has
not, and becoming more and more obvious that some within the
DNSO, which are well known will not either.

IDNO Bootstrap wrote:

> Joop,
> Thank you for the press given at:
> http://idno.org/coup.htm
> But could you please fix it? You left out my middle initial "D." in the
> header, and my signature line is all goofed up at the bottom.
> I hope it won't cost you too much to pay someone to do that for you.
> All the best,
> --Bradley D. Thornton MCSE; MCT.--  , bootstrap  of
> the Cyberspace Association,
> the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
> http://www.idno.org  (or direct:)
> http://www.tallship.net/idno


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