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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

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On 18-Jan-2000 Ellen Rony wrote:
> Fourth, under Technical Matters, addresses are removed from the mailing
> list if delivery of mail causes disruptive automatic behaviour (such as
> bounce messages sent to the mailing list, causing loops.  Routing problems
> happen due to no fault of the list members.  In the past year, my ISP
> upgraded hardware, encountered a MAE-WEST system failure in San Jose, and
> had a smurf attack, all of which caused routing problems and bounced
> messages for all the email accounts. Why should membership in the GA be put
> at risk when these situations occur?  If messages bounce, a first effort
> should be made to contact the GA member through another means.  In one of
> the situations described above, I was not aware messages were bouncing
> until I received a phone call.

This doesn't affect their membership, they are free to resubscribe when their
email is working again.  This is standard list behavior to temporarily remove
addresses when their email is bouncing, because the each bounce results in
messages to the list administrator.

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