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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

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On 18-Jan-2000 Ellen Rony wrote:
> I would hope that a technical means could be found for identifying those
> who spoof email messages.  I feel the requirement for proof of identity if
> "the identity behind some email address set is challenged," is open to
> abuse.  Other mechanisms for dealing with disruptive participation should
> be explored.  For example, if a certain threshhold of complaints about a
> member's list participation is reached,the member's rights to post could be
> revoked for a set period.  In such cases, wouldn't certified identity be
> immaterial?  The sanctions suggested in the draft are 2 weeks for a first
> offense, 4 weeks for a second, 8 weeks for a third, but the decision is
> left to the Sergeant at Arms. Sanctions should be pre-determined by the GA
> members andimposed in consistent manner.

This is even more subject to abuse. I'd rather have to prove my identity once
than be subject to INEG of PCCF subbing numerous alias and challenging users
all the time.

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