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Re: Re: Re: Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

Joe Baptista wrote:

>On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>> This has already been clarified, so I don't need to go over it, 
>> to tell you that I bet that the technique of trying to paralyze the 
>> Canadian Government with a flood of faxes will be applied here, it's 

>> just a matter of time and to find a good excuse.
>Your either a liar - and you certainly don't know my business well 
>to comment on it.  I will assume however that the language barrier 
>you to be misinformed.
>Faxing the canadian government (in fact it was the Ontario) government 
>nothing more then a regular communication session.  back then I used
>government fax machines like email.  these days i just send the whole 
>of them email.  Like my new "If you Don't Buy ICANN - Don't Buy
>IBM" campaign.  I have selected over 80,000 civil servants for
>that.  Email is much better then fax machines for those type of
>actions.  They take it more personally - as you all do, and they 
>more appropriately.  it's like training seals with fish.
>> So, we can try the iper-liberal approach, but I am aware that, in 
>> of a similar emergency, we must take a similar decision.
>> The iper-freedom for a few cannot be the denial of service to the 
>> majority. 
>that was not a denial of service attack.

Do you mind pointing out where in my message do you think I affirmed the

>  After asking the DNSO-LIst admin
>repreatedly why I was not posting to the list, and getting no reply, I
>decided to test using everybody else email address.  You can strick 
>one on an absent admin, or an admin who is a coward.  At the least, he
>failure to reply amounted to my test.
>I suggest you retract you accusation of denial of service attack, and I

>ask that you advise the Names Council to also retract that reference 
>the official record.  Because such accusations amount to liable and
>> Anybody else willing to comment?
>It's your turn now - as a member of the NC and our chair, you've just 
>a faux paux.  Let's see if you know how to retract.

Just for the record, I am not a member of the NC (as far as I know).

About the need to retract, if you care re-reading my post, once the 
language barrier overcome ;>), you will see that I did not say that 
there has been (yet) denial of service, but that, if such a risk will 
arise on the GA, my attitude will be to not allow the denial of service,
 even if this will mean some limitation of the individual posting