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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

At 10:07 17/01/00 -0800, Darrell Greenwood wrote:

>After I voted by pressing the "For" button nothing happened other
>than the "For" button flashing. There should be a feedback to the
>voter from the site that his vote has been recorded other than the
>button flashing locally on his computer on 'mouse down'. I checked
>the results page but again there was no way to determine if my vote
>had been recorded.
Hello Darrell and other voters,

After bringing up your FOR or AGAINST vote, click on the "drop your vote in
the ballot box" area.
That will send your vote to the server.

If your browser is not Javascript enabled, please use the second voting
option that I have added.

--joop teernstra, IDNO bootstrap

--Make good use of any voting rights and opportunities--