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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

David and all,

  Well the concern about Spamm is of course a valid one.  But it is
one that when you join a mailing list becomes and potential occupational
hazard that is sometimes unavoidable.  Gosh!  I don't know how
many times I have been Spammed by Kent Crispin, Ken Stubbs, Roberto
Gaetano, William Walsh, Darrell Greenwood, Joe Kelsey, Joe Simms,
Amadeu Abril i Abril, Alejandro Pisanty, David R. Conrad, Javier Sola,
or Dave Crocker, to name a few on this list, for instance.  I usually
don't pay it any mind, and judiciously use my "Delete" key.  >;)

DPF wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000 08:43:50 +0100, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> >At 15:23 12.01.00 -0800, Bret A. Fausett wrote:
> >>I'd like to see the DNSO secretariat re-enable majordomo's 'who' command. I
> >>know that making the list of participants and their e-mail addresses public
> >>opens us up to spam and spoofing, but so do the web-based archives of the
> >>discussion lists.
> >>
> >>I think the value of knowing who is participating in the General Assembly
> >>outweighs any damage.
> >
> >Why?
> >
> >Personally, I'd think it a Good Thing to have the names (not emails) of GA
> >members available, but I know that 90% of the names would mean nothing to
> >me; I'd be interested in knowing what you think is the value of having the
> >info available.
> I agree.  Having a web based list of the names and even perhaps the
> domain part of their e-mail address would be useful and interesting.
> But I do not want people to start spamming me because I have enough of
> an interest in ICANN to join the GA list.
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