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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

Dear Bret,

I have to say that I am against your idea.
The damage that the whois can do when is used to "freeze" the advance
of this GA would be so big that nobody will get usefull thoughts or meanings
from the list.  It will be an "empty" list... plenty of people who is "watching",
"lurking", afraid of participate in a legitimate way.

Furthermore,  I have to ask that a NEW mail list needs to be created.
This one can be kept as the open lists (open to all the crying people and
to all the ones who are jobless kids without responsabilities... and plenty
of time! ( lucky them ! (sp!) ).

For the rest of us, who put A LOT of effort to participate, to keep the "noise"
level in the minimum level is neccesary a new list, not open to the "whois",
and capable to check WHO send the message (checking the domain that
sends the mail before accepting the message).  There is plenty of mail
servers that do that (so no more Joe Baptista "unix" techniques to become
Clark Kent or Donald Duck every time he wants).

Sorry, Bret, but we must disagree sometimes.

Have a good day,


At 1/12/00 3:23:00 PM, you wrote:
>>>>> who ga
>> **** Command disabled.
>I'd like to see the DNSO secretariat re-enable majordomo's 'who' command. I
>know that making the list of participants and their e-mail addresses public
>opens us up to spam and spoofing, but so do the web-based archives of the
>discussion lists.
>I think the value of knowing who is participating in the General Assembly
>outweighs any damage.
>      -- Bret