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[ga] The noise is not reaching me...

Hi !
Someone has re-send to me a message from Mr. Baptista and
another one from Mr. J. Williams.
Sorry Mr. Baptista and Mr. Williams but I have a STRONG filter
that destroy all your messages in my mailbox that have your name
on the header...
It is a shame that people that have SO MANY THINGS and THOUGTS
to share choose to say it in the worst way.  Yo do so much noise that
I can not here your valuable things and thougtsh.... shame on you !
You waste my bandwidth but not my time.

(oh! you can do fake personalities... any moment I can filter any
message that have your name in the text body... no big deal...
you can be filtered as much as I want... you are unix gurus arent you ?
did you think you are the only ones ? dont mess with the patience
of the people... and come back to good behavior.  Got it ? )

Now... back to work !