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Re: [ga] A list

tim Hayes wrote....
>Please, good content is needed here, else all the rules and debate about 
>rules are a very pointless exercise indeed.

I agree.

Please, Mr. Chairman and ViceChairman, put the rules in effect as soon as
you can.  ANY rule is better than none rule.  You are the EXECUTIVE POWER
of the GA.  Use your powers.

Furthermore, we need a Legislative power, and a Judicial power.  A bunch
of people in charge of these areas, and with the goal to do some proposals
to the GA assambly, would be great.

The rest of us... lets work on "substantial" matters related to SO MANY themes...
I think that if we can not manage the DNSO GA how we expect that it will be
possible to manage the ICANN At large assably or general membership...
We must do it here first.