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Re: [ga] this is so sad..

Per and all,

  I agree for the most part with Ken's comments as well.  The problem is
determining a remedy.  Harold's is not likely not to be workable and is beyond
common reason.  It is also just another method of CENSORSHIP.


Per Koelle wrote:

> Hi,
> I fully agree to Ken's statements here.
> And it may even turn out, that reasonal individuals
> will begin to contribute to the list.
> The fact is, that the serious companies have found
> other ways to communicate, than this list.
> Result is, that it is the individuals, that suffers
> from all this nonsense.
> Regards
> Per Koelle
> DK Hostmaster
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Ken Stubbs wrote:
> >
> > for the last 3-5 weeks now this list has been totally pre-occupied and
> > virtually captured by non-personna's and parties
> > intent on total disruption of this list and the GA in particular.
> >
> > its now time do decide whether the GA will end up just an assemblage of
> > people with nothing else better to do than disrupt & complain or a
> > dedicated group of individuals intent on working towards development of a
> > broad-based organization of individual with a strong interest in
> > DNS issues and a desire to help move this process forward.
> >
> > both harald, roberto, and others  have offered enthusiasm & constructive
> > solutions and now its time to take the bull by the horns.
> >
> > if we dont get off our rear ends and move forward then the disruptive
> > personnas like baptista, williams, et al will have accomplished exactly what
> > they
> > have tried so hard to do ... to make the GA    a totally meaningless
> > assemblage meandering and drifting about.
> >
> > frankly, its time for some action
> >
> > NOW !!!!!!!!
> >
> > we have talked this to death now it is time to do something about this
> > continuing problem. i  recommend that we move ahead with harald's suggeston
> > and get around this roadblock !!
> >
> > ken stubbs
> >


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