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Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

Joe and all,

Joe Kelsey wrote:

> Karl Auerbach writes:
>  >
>  > > I also disagree completely with every criticism that Karl Auerbach came
>  > > up with.  His objections are completely without support and his method
>  > > of running a list would result in complete chaos.  If he wants that kind
>  > > of list, he can just subscribe to (and archive) the ga-unfiltered list.
>  >
>  > Our disagreement is about which list is the "official" one.
> No.  You wish to wallow in the childish and disruptive behavior of
> things like the so-called jeff williams multiple-personality disorder
> and I do not.

  It appears that you may be suffering form and extreme case of
paranoia or paranoid skitsophrinia of some fashion given the inane
statement you just gave here.

>  > The all encompassing one, the one without filters, the one with
>  > submissions from all parties, ought to be the full record.
> What purpose does is serve to archive the obscene ranting of the insane
> canadian joe baptista?  His libelous and slanderous postings have served
> no purpose other than to inhibit productive discussions from occuring.

  You are entitled to your opinion. I amongst others do not share it.

>  > Those who wish to create private universes and cover their sensitive ears
>  > and eyes can do so and receive the partial feed of information.  But
>  > that's their own private matter.
>  >
>  > Censorship is censorship.  The GA can't claim to be open while censoring
>  > comment.  Well, it can claim to be open, but it would be an overt
>  > falsehood.
> Censorship in the United States is defined by the government restricting
> the rights of free expression.  When a private company (e.g., ICANN)
> wishes to carry on a productive discussion, it has every right to insist
> on minimum rules for civility and decorum.

  No it does not.  Seek legal assistance Joe on this point.  ICANN is under
CONTRACT to the US Government presently, hence making it accountable
to every US citizen.

- snip continuing diatribe -

>  > The power to limit what you read is in your own hands, use the tools that
>  > procmail, Eudora, or your favorite tool has provided you.  Don't impose
>  > your choices on the rest of us and attempt to call it "open" and
>  > "official" when it is really "closed" and "selective".
> So many people rant and rave about these "open" ideals without taking
> the true responsibility to define how to actually accomplish productive
> work in these so-called "open" (really chaotic) fora.  It is all well
> and good to carry on and on endlessly about your desire for "openness"
> without taking the responsibility to really get work done.  You are
> quite welcome to your chaotic discussions in IFWP or whatever other
> forum you wish to participate in where you allow whatever childish
> behavior you want to occur, but I prefer a forum which enforces civil
> rules of behavior.

  I agree with your conclusion in part.  Civil rules of behavior, which you
are not demonstrating here, BTW, would be a good thing.  But they must
be approved by the majority of the list participants, unless you desire
more of what you refer to as "Chaos".

> The so-called "official" record of all government bodies has always been
> edited after the fact to correspond to rules of civil behavior (striking
> remarks from the record, etc.)  There is nothing unofficial about the
> proposed ga archived list being closed in any sense.

  Well of course you know full well this is untrue.  I am surprised that you
or anyone would make such a bold false statement.  :(

- snip remainder of inane diatribe -

> /Joe


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