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Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

> I also disagree completely with every criticism that Karl Auerbach came
> up with.  His objections are completely without support and his method
> of running a list would result in complete chaos.  If he wants that kind
> of list, he can just subscribe to (and archive) the ga-unfiltered list.

Our disagreement is about which list is the "official" one.

The all encompassing one, the one without filters, the one with
submissions from all parties, ought to be the full record.

Those who wish to create private universes and cover their sensitive ears
and eyes can do so and receive the partial feed of information.  But
that's their own private matter.

Censorship is censorship.  The GA can't claim to be open while censoring
comment.  Well, it can claim to be open, but it would be an overt

The power to limit what you read is in your own hands, use the tools that
procmail, Eudora, or your favorite tool has provided you.  Don't impose
your choices on the rest of us and attempt to call it "open" and
"official" when it is really "closed" and "selective".