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[ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

Harald Tveit Alvestrand writes:
 > Here's an attempt at formulating a coherent and useful mailing list policy.
 > It would be useful if we could take this as a basis for discussion; what I 
 > expect to happen is that we get a "sense of the list" and modify the 
 > proposal in light of comments, make a new proposal near the end of the 
 > week, and attempt to take an opinion poll on the result, ending early next 
 > week.
 > One thing that I'm particularly unsure about in this proposal is the 
 > requirement to be able to verify identity if demanded; this is a costly 
 > operation with many inherent problems wrt privacy/free speech, standards of 
 > proof and so on.
 > If implemented at all, I think the suggested method is something like what 
 > it would have to be, but I'd like to see if there is list support for 
 > either keeping it or dropping it altogether.
 > Comments?

An excellent and well-thought out proposal.  I agree with it completely.

I also disagree completely with every criticism that Karl Auerbach came
up with.  His objections are completely without support and his method
of running a list would result in complete chaos.  If he wants that kind
of list, he can just subscribe to (and archive) the ga-unfiltered list.