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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

Javier and all,

Javier Rodriguez wrote:

> >And I don't share the belief that the information enables spam, spoofing, or
> >other list abuses. As recent events illustrate, those things are easy to
> >accomplish with the 'who' command disabled.
> Thats because OTHER techniques to avoid the fake personalitis and the
> FULL identification of the sender before accepting the message are not
> in use in this moment.

  Very observant of you here Javier.  >;)

> I am not talking about PGP, I mean just using the right mail server or in
> "unix flavor" use the right method or thecnique to verify (reverse domain)
> the identity of the person who send the message.

  Your  suggestion here would eliminate many of the participants on this
list that do not use their Domain for E-Mail purposes.  That would be in
violation of the White Paper, the MoU and the ICANN Bylaws, Javier.
Surely you would like to recant here!  >;)

> Javier


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