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Re: [ga] Blockage/delay of postings

This reply is in need of a full set of violins and violas, there seems to
be little point to your rationalization so I propose it be set to music.


On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Joe Baptista wrote:
> > why not three lists - hell we can have twenty lists, no thirty.  No
> > roberto this whole nc garbage need to be adjusted by roberts rules of
> > order.
> With age, I have learned to be "market-oriented".
> If there is a need for two, three, or more lists, why not?
> OTOH, if the majority sticks with one and very few people subscribe to 
> the others, we can easily drop it.
> Very easy.
> About the Roberts rules of order, they have been written for a different
>  reality, and need adaptation for online fora.
> Again, if and when somebody comes up with a reasonable text (I was under
>  the impression that Karl was not very far from a proposal), why not?
> But I don't see why one excludes the other.
> Regards
> Roberto