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Re: Re: Robert's rules (Re: [ga] Blockage/delay of postings)

Joe Baptista wrote:
>Like I said in a prior post, roberts rules are very thorough - i.e. no
>need to think, just use the index.

OK. Let's start from the beginning - see Rule #3 (http://
www.constitution.org/rror/rror-01.htm#3 or quote below).

This is the procedure for asking the permission to post ;>).
Note that the rules are very complete indeed, they cover also the proper
 way to address a lady (married and/or unmarried). I am not under the 
impression that all ladies have been addressed this way before.

Then, for non-compliance, we still have rule #73....


---- begin quote ----
3. Obtaining the Floor. Before a member call make a motion, or address 
the assembly in debate, it is necessary that he
should obtain the floor -- that is, he must rise after the floor has 
been yielded, and address the presiding officer by his
official title, thus, "Mr. Chairman," or "Mr. President," or "Mr. 
Moderator;"1 or, if a woman (married or single), "Madam
Chairman," or "Madam President." If the assembly is large so that the 
member's name may be unknown to the chairman,
the member should give his name as soon as he catches the eye of the 
chairman after addressing him. If the member is
entitled to the floor, as shown hereafter, the chairman "recognizes" him
, or assigns him the floor, by announcing his name.
If the assembly is small and the members are known to each other, it is 
not necessary for the member to give his name
after addressing the chair, as the presiding officer is termed, nor is 
it necessary for the chair to do more than bow in
recognition of his having the floor. If a member rises before the floor 
has been yielded, or is standing at the time, he cannot
obtain the floor provided any one else rises afterwards and addresses 
the chair. It is out of order to be standing when
another has the floor, and the one guilty of this violation of the rules
 cannot claim he rose first, as he did not rise after the
floor had been yielded.
---- end quote ----