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RE: [ga] FYI - revised

At 14:04 04.01.00 -0500, Martin B. Schwimmer wrote:
>That needed editing.  Revised:
>Without commenting on any other aspect of Mr. Baptista's activities, I
>remind the list that (afaik) in each situation, Baptista identified himself
>as the source of the posting either in the subject line or in the first
>line of text.  This should be relevant both legally and to your own
>subjective reaction to his postings - it seems unlikely to me that anyone
>on the list has been deceived as to the source of the postings.

His purpose in "faking" the headers was to irritate, as far as I can tell; 
he could have posted those messages in his own name.
He managed to confuse one person (Jeff Williams) on one occasion.

>If there is a determination to "do something" about this, I hope that the
>discussion does not focus on the forgery aspect because I don't think 
>there is one here (I agree with Mr Gaetano's and Mr. Meyer's views on the
>seriousness of forgery on the Internet and the damage it does to the
>integrity of a list - I just don't see it in this particular case).
>I don't think what is truly harmful about the postings (to the point that
>the list should be moderated), has been adequately explained here yet.

We need a written-down policy that is more specific than the current one:

General Assembly list
       anybody interested in the DNSO issues may subscribe to this list, 
        subscribers may write to this list
       the non cross-posting rule is reinforced
       the respect to the participants is mandatory

Mr. B has certainly made us a target-rich environment on the last rule.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway