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[ga] Joe Baptista's October removal from the GA list

  I, in my capacity of alternate GA chair, have investigated the matter of Joe
  Baptista's suspension from the GA list.
  His email "baptista@pccf.net" was suspended on October 20 for posting
  an irrelevant and insulting message on the GA list.
  He has not asked for this address to be reinstated.

  His emails "baptista@iname.com" and "baptista@vrx.net", which he subscribed
  with shortly afterwards, were temporarily suspended, but were reinstated
  a few days later. He is not presently barred from posting in his own name
  to the list.

  I regard removing Baptista's right to post because of this message as being
  in conformance with common rules of list management.
  We will continue to work out procedures to make sure that if this becomes
  necessary in the future, all parties will have due notification of who is
  being blocked, why, and how long the blocking will be in place.

                           Harald T. Alvestrand

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway