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RE: [ga] FYI

Without commenting on any other aspect of Mr. Baptista's activities, I
remind the list that (afaik) in each situation, Baptista identified himself
as the source of the posting either in the subject line or in the first
line of text.  This should be likely both legally and to your own
subjective reaction to his postings - it seems unlikely to me that anyone
on the list has been deceived.

If there is a determination to "do something" about this, I hope that the
discussion focuses not on the forgery aspect because I don't think there is
one here (I agree with Mr Gaetano's and Mr. Meyer's views on the
seriousness of forgery on the Internet and the damage it does to the
integrity of a list - I just don't see it in this particular case).  

I don't think what is truly harmful about the postings to the point that
the list should be moderated, has been adequately explained here yet.

At 10:21 AM 1/4/00 -0800, you wrote:
>IMHO, forging should be a hanging offence.
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>> Gaetano
>> Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 8:05 AM
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>> Subject: [ga] FYI
>> Folks,
>> For your information, I have asked DNSO Listadmin to prevent 
>> postings in
>>  my name to be distributed to the GA List when not coming from my 
>> address.
>> (Just to make it clear, I think that the forging of E-Mail in name of 
>> others should be banned anyhow - maybe the others that have 
>> gone through
>>  this experience could let us know what they think)
>> Regards
>> Roberto

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