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[ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

At 01:29 PM 5/4/01 +0200, you wrote:
>At 13:07 03.05.2001 -0700, Simon Higgs wrote:
>>The very first alt.root was used as the test bed for Draft Postel. You 
>>can't kill off something that has a right to be there - and numerous TLDs 
>>still around have Jon Postel/IANA's permission to be in an alt.root. IANA 
>>even provided wording for registries in an alt.root to use as a waiver of 
>>legal liability.
>just in case anyone does not remember:
>Simon Higgs has argued this point of view before an US court and lost.

Huh? Just in case anyone does not remember the court case, *THERE WAS NO 
COURT CASE*. I have never had the opportunity to testify. Show me my 
testimony! Show me the court case!

Damn it, Harald. I *NEVER* thought you would stoop as low as Crocker and 
Crispin. But you just did.

An apology is in order.

Best Regards,

Simon Higgs

"Never underestimate the power of corruption to rewrite history."
  --Oliver Stone (San Jose Mercury News, July 16, 2000)

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