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draft-higgs (Re: [ga-roots] Capture and Diversion)

At 11:05 02.05.2001 -0700, Simon Higgs wrote:
>Then can we all assume ICANN will fully comply with this IETF document 
>once it becomes an RFC:
>The DNSO should be fully supporting this effort to prevent collisions 
>between roots.

on this point, I can claim to speak with a tiny bit of authority.

just to make the formalities clear:

1) The author of draft-higgs chose not to grant to the IETF the rights to
    publish his draft as an RFC, even if it wanted to. See the copyright
    notice in the preface ("is NOT offered in conformance with...")

2) The author of draft-higgs has not asked the RFC Editor or the IESG to
    consider publishing his document as any type of RFC (informational or
    BCP; standards-track would be inappropriate for this text)

3) There has been no indication that a request for such publication would
    be met with a positive response. Especially, there has been no
    demonstration of the IETF consensus required for BCP publication; info
    RFCs are not the IETF's opinion about anything.

Publishing an internet-draft is easy, and can be done by anyone; checking 
is minimal - basically, they check that it looks like ASCII, that the 
author can be identified, and the boilerplate is in place. No checking on 

In short - this is a document written by someone using the name "S. Higgs". 
Nothing more than that.

          Harald Alvestrand, IETF chair

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