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[ga-org] Re: Outline of proposed consensus points

Milton and all,

Milton Mueller wrote:

> 1. The Noncommercial Domain Name Holders Constituency
> has a greater stake in the future of ORG than any
> other DNSO constituency.

  This is most likely true.

> 2. The Policy Authority for the ORG domain should be a
> new entity formed by members of the NCDNHC.

  I don't think this is wise or reasonable...

> 3. We oppose any evictions or refusals to renew names
> currently registered in ORG.

  Agreed here.

> 4. We favor maintaining the noncommercial identity of
> ORG by revising its marketing and promotion strategies
> to target noncommercial users, and to discourage
> duplicate, pre-emptive registrations by businesses.

  Marketing strategies should not be a consideration.
But the rest of this looks fine...

> 5. We consider individuals, households, and
> unincorporated organizations engaged in primarily non-
> commercial forms of expression as an appropriate
> market for ORG.

  Agreed here.

> 6. ORG should not be given to registrars or registries
> with shareholdings in existing gTLD registries.

  A wise precaution.

> 7. ORG must provide a high quality of service to
> organizations and individuals in different time zones
> and different languages. The new entity should be
> geographically diverse.

  Agreed,  But very difficult to accomplish or implement.

> 8. We favor the creation of new, "clean slate" TLDs
> that can be carefully restricted to specific classes
> of non-profit organizations, but we do not think this
> is an appropriate policy for ORG.

  Agreed of course...

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