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Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge


Thank you for your thoughtful response.

We clearly disagree.



At 09:22 AM 3/18/2002 -0800, Mike Roberts wrote:
>At 9:41 AM -0600 3/18/02, Kristy McKee wrote:
>>Vint, I appreciate you taking the time to write; however you have added 
>>nothing to our conversation and have not even attempted to answer the 
>>question asked.
>>Only your private little group believes the At Large was a one time 
>>thing.  No one in the general public has that understanding.
>This is clearly incorrect, and well documented in press reports after 
>Cairo, the registration website, numerous emails, and numerous public 
>statements by me, other Board members, Andrew and other staff members.
>The system was built on a shoestring, operated by an incredibly overworked 
>and loyal contract project manager on a $200,000 budget, of which over 
>$100,000 went into postal charges for the pin letters. It was a one off 
>system held together by bailing wire.  The alternative would have been no 
>election at all in 2000.  The statement in the pin letters "keep this 
>letter" which went on to explain that the membership account could not be 
>activated without the enclosed pin, was to try to ensure that people did 
>not toss the letter and then find themselves unable to activate and vote. 
>Despite this warning, lots of people did toss the letter and did not get a 
>replacement pin in time to vote.  None of this sequence of communications 
>was ever characterized as including any activities, rights or privileges 
>after the conclusion of the vote.
>Beyond the issue of historical revisionism, dredging this stuff up serves 
>no purpose at this time.  The Board has clearly stated in its Accra 
>resolution that
>"Whereas, the Board wishes to move forward with energy and enthusiasm to 
>build a meaningful structure for informed participation by the full range 
>of Internet users, and seeks avenues to achieve these objectives that are 
>bottom-up, self-organized, and self-sustaining;"
>The phrase " bottom-up, self-organized, and self-sustaining"  means 
>exactly that.  If At Large can not demonstrate substantial progress toward 
>that goal in the next several months, then the death sentence for an At 
>Large organization with representation on the ICANN Board will undoubtedly 
>be carried out.
>Due to Joop's hard work and the encouragement of lots of others, we have a 
>nucleus AL organization.  Let's build on that base, making necessary 
>changes as we go.
>- Mike
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