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"babybows.com" wrote:
> a. In the last twenty five days, 1333 comments have been posted to the GA
> list by 75 people.
> b. 10 individuals accounted for 54% of the posts
> c. 15 individuals accounted for 66% of the posts
> d. 20 individuals accounted for 76% of the posts
> e. 25 individuals accounted for 82% of the posts

This is not an unusual pattern.

If you look at the distrubtion of English words, the first two are "the" at
6% and "of" at 3%. The top 100 or so words account for well over 50%, though
the language has over a million words. Similar patterns show up in other

At the character level, about 14% in English are ' '.

Similar highly skewed distributions show up in population density (a small
portion of the land gets most of the people), income distributions, ...

Still, it is interesting data, Thanks for taking the initiative to count
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