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Systems:  To consider and recommend improvements to all of ICANN's existing
policies, practices and procedures including, but not limited to
registry-registrar separation, registrar accreditation, quality assurance
and registrant/whois privacy as well as any contracts or agreements in these
or related areas.


(1)    Structures & Relationships
Registry-Registrar Separation
Verisign agreement (incl .org)
New registry agreements
ICANN accreditation & monitoring
Anti-trust & competition policy

(2)    Existing & Proposed TLDs
Review of TLD application process.
Holding over of lodged applications.
Pre-registrations of domain names
Government endorsement of ccTLDs
Revision to .edu with Educause

(3)    Registry- Registrar Operations
Registrant/Whois Data - Integrity & Privacy
Domain name holder's "Charter"
Stockpiling & warehousing domains.
Expired, on hold & unreleased names.

(4)    Multilingual Test-Bed
Identify the nature of their operations.
Test beds or live systems.
Controlled by ICANN or not?

(5)    Other System Developments
NAS Committee on Internet Searching & the DNS
MultiBind & other new technology
Future of the domain name system

I'd appreciate any input members might have.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
Co-Chair, DNSO GA.

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