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Re: [ga] vote appeal

on 4/11/01 11:43 PM, JandL at jandl@jandl.com wrote:
 If the election were to be held
> today, I believe the results would be the same.
> Sincerely,
> Leah Gallegos

Hello Leah,
I agree with you and just want to make absolutely clear that I seek only to
improve DNSO operations and correct operational flaws in the Election
process that have presented themselves recently.

I call upon our new Chair to add "Clarification/ Revision of Voting Rules"
to the GA's agenda for the coming year, for the purposes of agreeing
additional procedures by consensus, with particular reference to:-

1) Change in the Bylaws to enable the GA to elect it's own Chair and
Alternate Chair.

2) Number of endorsements required for a nominee to become a candidate.

3) Procedure for appointing Watchdog committee and membership criteria.

4) Procedure in the event of withrawal of a candidate in the middle of the

5) Number of Ballots that may be issued by DNSO Secretariat and
circumstances in which they may be re-issued.

6) Appeals procedure


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