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Re: [ga] Critics say "there's no shortage of dotcoms"

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, at 01:22 [=GMT-0700], gavin.stokes@autodesk.com wrote:

> Patrick, when you say:
> "Shortage?    There is no shortage of dotcoms.
> Inflation?      Irrelevant."


> And if artificial scarcity and inflation are irrelevant, I guess
> we can clear the books of all those wordy antitrust laws.

If all the domains were owned by just one or a few companies,
anti-trust might be a relevant word. This is not at all the case,

With domains it is just as with land: there is enough of it, it can be
had very cheap even, but not where you would like to have it. So make
a choice: pay $1,000.00 for a memorable dot com, or go for something
cheaper (and spend way more on marketing).

This is the free market. This is how it works with everything, not
just domains. Why should domains be treated differently?

Marc Schneiders

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