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[ga] Critics say "there's no shortage of dotcoms"

Patrick, when you say:

"Shortage?    There is no shortage of dotcoms.
Inflation?      Irrelevant."

What do you mean by "dotcoms"?  If you mean domain names (and that's the topic here), it appears that a lot of people disagree with you.  After all, aren't we talking about adding TLDs (in part) to alleviate this perceived shortage?  And here's a clip from an article on CNet:

"Capitalizing on the shortage of domain names, the Kingdom of Tonga--the only inhabited South Pacific island never to be colonized--has begun hawking the ".to" designation to Netizens."

And if artificial scarcity and inflation are irrelevant, I guess we can clear the books of all those wordy antitrust laws.

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