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Re: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

I of course agree with this.  And so I post it.  I do not expect to be elected but I do expect
to press a few points.  As Harald already said, even though I am a popular candidate and not a
hand picked one like him, he refuses to even consider my posts.  And even though I will discuss
my corporate situation but he considers it an insult to do so, other people are not as good
because they do not have the credentials necessary.  This elitist snobbery must end and it must
end now!!!
    Because we do not posess Mr. Crispin's contracts or Mr. Crockers stats does mot mean that we
are not stakeholders, I resent the constant attacks on us commoners, through me because I
represent those who do not speak,  but if we do not speak up now when will we?

But the then look at I History i was banned for taking on Mr. Walsh who is the most notorious
for forcing people off the list by his meaness.

Ah you decide, Status Quo or something closer to your children.


Jeff Williams wrote:

> Eric and all remaining assembly members,
>   Any method of banning is of course, both inappropriate and inconsiderate
> with respect to the the White Paper and the MoU, not to mention a
> critical stamp on free speech rights.

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