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RE: [council] Conference fees as revenue source


I'm try to understand the position of Harold, and the problem is not the 
Non-Commercial Organizations, is more possible that development countries 
have more problem's with paid some "costs", but is not impossible.

Bruce Tonkin wrote: "From my observations of recent ICANN meetings, I have 
seen members of
non-commercial participants travel long distances internationally and
staying in 5-star hotels, and eating at expensive local restaurants. These
people have often been sponsored via various grants and Universities (I have
asked them). "...

I say... that is is real, but not all non-commercial participants have this 
opportunity because have money, in some cases the Salzburg Programm help-us 
(me one-time) to travel to the conferences. In another cases are big 
non-commercial organizations that can help another's people, but this is 
only sometimes and for somepeople.

Maybe the problems' are not the "funds" for the conferences, maybe the 
icann organization need to take the "costs" of this conferences (all the 
costs), because the Name Council representants, are members of the 
"structure of the icann".

When i can't paid the bill of something and be impossible to continues with 
a active participation in the Name Council as a representative of 
non-commercial organizations, i ask for help, and  maybe someone from 
anothers constituencies or organizations can help-us.

But now is more important work (together) in complete the  vision of the 
Process of Icann Reform by Name Council.

Erick Iriarte

At 06:31 a.m. 4/24/2002, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>I fail to see that
> > conference fees are a solution to ICANN's funding challenges.
>Agreed.  I don't think they have ever been proposed as a method of core
> > On the other hand, it might defray meeting costs themselves.
>Exactly.  These meeting costs are not insignificant.
>There are many people that attend ISOC and IETF events that are
>non-commercial or are funded by the individual.  These events all charge a
>meeting fee.  The combination of face-to-face opportunities and email
>discussion lists works well for those organisations.
>Bruce Tonkin
> >

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