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[council] Timing for vote, election planning


I have a proxy given by Caroline to Guillermo.
We need a replacement to Paul Kane for votes.

I would appreciate to know all PROXIES as soon as possible
(before 1 September 2001 would be greatly appreciated).

Today we know that there are 4 candidates running, which gives
us a mathematical upperlimit: after 1st ballot we have no more
than 3 names, after 2nd no more than 2 names, and, unless tie,
we have a winner in the third.

We have agreed on votes:
        Vote 1 Sat 8 September, after the NC meeting
        Vote 2 Mon 10
        Vote 3 Thu 13
        Vote 4 Fri 14
        Tel conf Sat 15
which implements:
(thanks to Marilyn to help me to clarify and correct)
   Sat 8 Sep, ballot sent with 4 names, all NC members knows
              for whom vote (consultationw now); answers by 
              e-mail no later that 9 Sep Montevideo morning, 08:00-09:00
   Sun 9 Sep, Montevideo morning 09:30, results calculated and announced,
              the NC members must have time to consult with 
              Constituencies, some may need time for travel;
              ballot sent on the 9th, answers by e-mail
              no later than Thu 13, 13:00 UTC (15:00 Paris)
  Thu 13 Sep, results calculated and given at 13:10 UTC (15:10 Paris);
              if no winner, ballot sent immediately, 24 hours time for 
              consultation with Constituencies, answers by e-mail
              no later than Fri 14, 13:00 UTC (15:00 Paris)
  Fri 14 Sep, results calculated and given at 13:10 UTC (15:10 Paris);
              If there is no winner (for whatever reason, tie votes, etc),
              the election process continue according to the 
              Convention Style procedures.

  15 September 2001, at 15:00 Paris, (13:00 UTC, 10:00 Montevideo):
  The NC Members ratify results. A formal notification is sent
  to the ICANN President, and announced publicly.

   The following URLs are related to the ICANN Board 
   Director election by the DNSO in 2001: 

   * Main document: Description of the election process in 2001 
   * Procedure for nominations, acceptances and endorsements 
     by the GA, and calendar for 2001: 
   * A list of nominations, acceptances and their endorsements:
   * The NC voting procedure: 


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